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Our Valuations solutions bring together the power of Big Data and AI with years of expertise in Real Estate and Banking to create our offerings. Whether you want to value individual properties as part of your business process or value a residential portfolio, Yuvoh-Analytics solutions help you do it fast, accurately and cost-effectively – without increasing risk.

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Our unparalleled product and service offerings cater to our customer requirement
Property AVM
Our AVMs combine predictive modeling and technology with quality data and industry expertise to create valuations with unrivaled reliability in the local market.
Property Information Reports
Our proprietary clustering algorithms give probabilistic valuations scenarios and local insights for assets where clients are challenged by poor underlying data quality.
Detailed Asset Reports
Our detailed asset by asset report for your portfolio with list of price and rental comparables and exhaustive cohort analysis.
Portfolio Intelligence Portal
Search for individual properties and create bespoke, customisable reports along with robust supporting valuation evidence with your own bespoke Desktop Portfolio Intelligence Portal.
Bespoke Analysis and Tools
We offer bespoke solutions to your challenges in the real estate market by combining data analytics with consultative experience
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Use Cases of Products and Services

Bulk valuations for Non Performing Loans

Our AI-based valuations and data insights provide a scalable and cost effective way to analyse granular assets to have a full overview of the underlying portfolio.

Regulatory Reporting and Stress Testing

Our data feeds help our clients in their regulatory reporting of distressed assets under IFRS 9 and conduct stress testing of their portfolio.

REO or DPO strategies

Detailed asset reports for front line staff managing individual assets to empower them in having a winning negotiation strategy.

Ongoing monitoring of performing and nonperforming loans

Our online portal is a tool for asset managers, risk functions and servicers to monitor their portfolios in real time.

Auditing and underwriting of new residential loans

Our underwriting tool is an auditing tool for physical valuations for new loans by comparing them with our AVMs.

Management Information and Strategic decision inputs

We offer bespoke services to work with clients to create customised business intelligence for their strategic decisions.

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