Hotel Analyser

We are in the final stages of creating the leading AI driven Hotel Reputation Management software.

This software will allow clients to prioritise operational and service improvements to deliver better guest experiences, increase
guest satisfaction, online rankings, and revenue.

It will also provide deep competitor insights to help learn from the best operators in the market.

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Get More Feedback

Gather significantly more feedback from customers directly using our integrated solution. Have a chance to resolve negative feedback before it reaches the OTAs.

Increase Revenue

Operational insights help you to improve your property. Understand which features are important to driving increases in revenue.


See how your hotel compares to your competitors. Highlight your strengths and reveal areas requiring improvement.

Launching in late 2021

Get early access to a software that will revolutionary the industry.

Yuvoh Analytics have successfully serviced some of the largest financial services firms with exposure to the hospitality sector, using state of the art AI techniques to help identify operational issues.

Having delivered AI driven business intelligence to institutional customers, we are now providing this service to customers of all sizes in the hospitality sector, enabling even smaller operators to benefit from the cutting-edge tools available to large enterprises.

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