About us

We deliver data insights and valuations to make informed decisions on properties and mortgages

Founder's Story

Yuvoh was founded by Manish Shah and Gautam Pandey, who spent a combined 25+ years in investment banking before establishing the company.

In their previous roles, Manish and Gautam were responsible for investing, managing, and divesting property backed investments. However, they were always frustrated with the lack of transparency available for the underlying property collateral backing these investments. In particular, they felt the existing industry practice of broad indexation and extrapolation was inappropriate and out of date in today’s data-driven world.

Yuvoh Analytics was formed to bridge this information gap and help clients gain more confidence in the underlying collateral by using the latest technology innovations like big data and machine learning to collect, analyze, and make predictions.

Empowered Decision Making Through Data and Insights

Our mission

Our mission at Yuvoh is to empower our clients to make decisions incorporating data based insights for property collateral. We assist lenders, mortgage servicers, and buyers of such assets to have confidence in what they own or manage.

We bring to our clients in-depth property and real estate data that has never been readily available. We utilize advanced machine learning models to provide valuation predictions and have developed proprietary tools like our clustering based location predictor that help provide information on properties with partial address information. We deliver the next generation of analysis that incorporates benchmarking, cohort analysis, rental analytics, social indicators, and geospatial feature presentations in our outputs, thus enabling clients to review investments in a new light with data-driven lenses.

We have been working with advisors, both sell and buy-side as well as traditional RICS firms to transform the decision-making process. We deliver customizable outputs that work with a variety of front end technologies.

Our Team

We're a team of highly experienced mortgage/asset managers and technology specialists.

Of Properties Valued by Yuvoh Analytics
Data points collected and growing

Manish Shah

Director of Relationships & Partnerships

Manish has 15+ years of banking, investment management and asset management experience with UBS, Standard Chartered, Nationwide Building Society and Royal Bank of Scotland. He has been responsible for investments in banks and other financial services businesses and has managed over £15bn of assets in his career. Manish holds a BSc in Banking and International Finance from Cass Business School

Gautam Pandey

Director of Strategy & Execution

Gautam has 17+ years of experience in investment banking with careers at JP Morgan Chase and Royal Bank of Scotland. He has held senior executive roles in origination, structuring, underwriting and asset management and has managed over £20bn of assets in his career. A transferable skill-set built throughout a career in US and Europe, most recently as part of a leadership team that delivered one of the largest bank restructurings. He is an engineer at heart who loves solving problems. He holds a Masters from the University of Michigan and a Bachelors's from IIT Madras.

Geoff Baker

Tech lead

Geoff has 4 years of experience working with backend systems and API development. He has lead technology teams and has delivered over €20bn of valuation for clients. Geoff has a degree in Computer Science from the University of Southampton.

Ivan Solskiy

Full Stack Engineer

7 years of web programming experience. Creating complex solutions with efficient and reliable modules. I believe - a good developer focuses on client needs and brings the right tools and technology to the specific project.

Yuriy Bishko

Front-end Engineer

Yuriy has 5 years of web programming experience. He has been responsible for data collection and making sure our business is future-proofed for customers' needs. Highly skilled in Google technologies, Progressive web apps.

Andrii Hembar

QA Engineer

Andriy has 5 years of testing experience including mobile, desktop, and web applications. Strong knowledge in computer science allows Andriy to create automated testing solutions for any type of product.

Alex Karpukhin

Data Engineer

Alex has 7+ years of experience developing data analysis solutions using various storages, databases, and big data technologies. His main field of expertise is building complex data warehousing and pipeline systems. Alex is passionate about cloud computing and distributed processing.

Ganesh Bhat

Data Scientist

Ganesh has 2 years of experience working with data analysis, data modeling, machine learning, and artificial intelligence. Additionally, he has experience with software development and is keen on designing solutions. Ganesh has a Master’s degree in Data Science and Computational Intelligence from Coventry University and a Bachelor’s in Computer Science from PES University.
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